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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Meet Michelle Suzanne 


Michelle started her coaching practice because she wanted to help spread the importance and effects of good health for the body and mind. Michelle sets out to educate her clients on these profound effects by giving them the tools to heal. She believes emphatically that good nutrition and our life circle stability has a major impact on each and everyone of us. Working with her clients on a one to one basis or in group settings Michelle approaches her clients with an open heart, understanding, compassion and great food!  Drawing on her own personal experiences, her goal is to help people make targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes that produce goal oriented, lasting results. Michelle is trained in bio-individuality and puts together plans that suit each clients respective needs. She is responsible for evaluating and improving client’s health and mental wellness creating a health care plan to help clients reach their full body and mind potential. Michelle also works with clients to aid in improving areas in their lives such as; selfcare, relationships, physical activity, spirituality and joy in their day-to-day life journey.   


Together, Michelle will help you take back control of your life and find creative ways to feed your body and mind with healthy alternatives. Let her show you how to live your best version of your life. 

Thoughts and Suggestions 
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Suggestions ~ Thoughts


DIET - The word everyone thinks is defined as struggle, depriving, hard, temporary. The fact is whatever you put in your body is your DIET. Diet is not a temporary thing, it is a lifestyle you chose everyday, with every meal. The way to good health and happiness is to make your diet and lifestyle simpatico with the way you want to feel. 

Feed the body and you feed the mind which feeds the soul. 

Individual or Group Nutrition & Wellness  Coaching

Coaching clients brings me amazing joy. Working with women and men who simply want to feel better, reach goals in health and in life wellness. 

  • One on one coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Speaking engagements

  • Corporate Employee Wellness Coach 

  • Cooking Classes

I work with clients in person or over the phone or via zoom.

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